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A shitpost taken too far. 

Battle hordes of corrupted beasts and collect Randy’s Vinyls of Power to bring his reign of terror to an end. One tyrant, one castle, one chance of salvation . . . 

Ages ago, the VaporVerse dwelled in peace. Its people lived out their quiet lives in harmony with nature and with each other. One day, the hellish entity Randy rose from the darkness of the evil RandyVerse. He and his horrific army pillaged the lands in a brutal invasion, slaughtering all who dared oppose his new rule.

After more than a century of defeat, despair, and doom, a new hero has risen — the only one with the strength and courage to take on the dastardly Randy. This hero has trekked across the realms battling soldiers, monsters, and dark forces to the doorstep of evil itself: Randy’s Fortress in the heart of the RandyVerse.

Will this courageous one be able to take control of the Vinyls of Power and dethrone this otherworldly tyrant?

Genre: Retro FPS 

April 30th, 2021

Created by Nanoshrine

Dedicated to 3D BLAST (Randy)

NOTE: If you can't launch the game due to a missing DLL error please install UE4 prerequisites. The installer for this is located inside the "Engine/Extras/Redist/en-us/" folder.

*cough* ...Can you find the 4 video easter eggs?


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Great game.

good retro


I loved this game!

The references to Randy went over my head, but I'm so glad I gave this game a try. I appreciate that the game it fits so well in the style of Retro-3d shooters. The music was my favorite part. It had its own style but still had the taste of those old Doom tracks. 


who's randy?

CEO of Gearbox, Lied about promising Bonuses to workers of Borderlands 3, and responsible of friggin up Aliens: Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem Forever (and probably the entirety of the Duke Nukem Franchise), Just search "randy pitchford controversy" and see how fricked up this dude is...

Deleted 48 days ago