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You have to start it through the executable


I don't see a lot of VR game jam titles, but this was pretty damn good! While the movement could likely cause motion sickness for some, I really liked it. The grab interactions are the only thing I really had an issue with. Well done!

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Appreciate the feedback and thank you! This was my buddy and I's first game jam. Only one of us has had any previous experience with unreal (and that was only through Udemy courses) previous to the jam, as we are primarily web developers. There are a handful of bugs (especially with interaction), but it turned out pretty solid given the time we had. Ending and failed mission menus work if you aim just right haha


Excellent demo build.All the interactice elements needed in vr are included here.I would like to share that Jesus is my Lord and Savior,Jesus saved my Life and soul.