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Extrication is a first-person VR game that challenges your problem solving skills and your concept of right and wrong in a time-sensitive corporate espionage setting.


You've been hired for a job that most won't take and few would succeed at. With a false-flag chemical attack temporarily emptying a high-security corporate office, you must use what little information your client has provided to break in and rescue a captive figure. In your line of work, clients' jobs can be unsavory, uncomfortable, and possibly illegal, all in the name of preserving public image and shareholders investments. You don't ask questions. Clients pay a premium for that. But what happens when you learn too much? Can you make the tough calls in tougher situations? After all, all is fair in love and war... right?

Main Controls:

- Left Analog Stick: Move character.
- Right Analog Stick: Turn character.
- Right or Left Front Trigger: Grip a door or object.

Menu and Terminal Controls:

- Press/Click: Point at a menu/terminal with your right hand and press the right touch controller's "A" face button.
- Scroll: While pointing at a scrollable window use the right hand controller's analog stick to scroll up and down.

Note: Requires Oculus touch controllers (though it should work for vive etc.. untested)! 

Created during the 2019 UE4 Winter Game Jam!


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You have to start it through the executable


I don't see a lot of VR game jam titles, but this was pretty damn good! While the movement could likely cause motion sickness for some, I really liked it. The grab interactions are the only thing I really had an issue with. Well done!

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Appreciate the feedback and thank you! This was my buddy and I's first game jam. Only one of us has had any previous experience with unreal (and that was only through Udemy courses) previous to the jam, as we are primarily web developers. There are a handful of bugs (especially with interaction), but it turned out pretty solid given the time we had. Ending and failed mission menus work if you aim just right haha


Excellent demo build.All the interactice elements needed in vr are included here.I would like to share that Jesus is my Lord and Savior,Jesus saved my Life and soul.